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Natural High Dietary Supplement Beverage Mix
The Natural High™ Neurotransmitter
Restoration Program DOES NOT
REPLACE any component of your
existing treatment program – it is a
helpful addition to your existing

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Why Buy the Natural High™ Dietary Supplement?
The Natural High Formula™ and Program will enhance your general
health and can be added to any recovery program.

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What  are the ingredients in the Natural High™ Dietary                  
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Natural High™ is a highly concentrated dietary supplement beverage
mix. It supplies the critical 50 essential nutrients including essential fatty
acids, lignans and fiber (from flax seed meal and rice bran), along with
probiotics to support digestion and absorption of these critical nutrients.

Dr. Beasley, an expert in the field of addiction treatment, has
successfully utilized the ingredients in Natural High™ using pills and/or
capsule form in the treatment of over 20,000 patients over the last
twenty-five years to optimize general health, support recovery in
patients with a broad range of medical conditions including alcoholism,
drug addiction, eating disorders, and/or acute mental illness.

Dr. Beasley along with our advisory board developed Natural High™
for the Addiction End Program of The Mother and Child Corporation to
help patients have a more convenient and easier way to optimize and
maintain general health and brain function.

This Neurotransmitter Restoration and Health Formula contains all the
essential amino acids and neurotransmitter precursors that are critical
in regaining and maintaining cell and brain function.

To match the ingredients in one scoop of Natural High Powder would
require seventeen pills or capsules but most patients had trouble taking
the large amount of pills required. Natural High was developed to give
individuals in recovery an easier, more convenient way to optimize and
maintain general health and brain function.

Each of us is unique-so work out your own best way to enjoy Natural
High™. Mix it with any of your favorite food or beverage. It can mixed
with water, juice, or any liquid. It can also be sprinkled on cereal or
other foods, added to a smoothie or mixed in yogurt.

Adults and teenagers can use one scoop (One tablespoon) (12.7
grams) in 8 ounces of fluids once to twice a day.

Please check our Addiction End website to gain more information and
review the scientific studies.
Natural High Product
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