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Food for Recovery: The Complete Nutrition Companion for
Recovering from Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Eating
  By Joseph D. Beasley, M.D., Mary P.Cheney, and Susan

A very practical guide on every aspect needed by the patient and
counselor to utilize nutrition as a therapeutic tool.Third Edition and Printing
2006, Publishing.
With all the "advances" made In recovery over the past years, the long term success rate of most treatment
programs is still around 15 percent. And, as outlined in Food For Recovery, it's no wonder. Most programs
treat the mind but completely ignore the body

The bottom line is, the body takes a severe beating during the years of alcoholism, drug addiction, and
eating disorders, and there can be no full recovery without attending to the body's needs. Research has
shown that when a traditional 12-step program is combined with an intensive nutritional regimen, success
rates rise to 80 percent. Food for Recovery is the first book to address the nutritional aspect of recovery and
is designed to work in tandem with a 12-step program to achieve true and lasting results.

Food for Recovery explains the basics of nutrition-how your body uses food to live-and then illustrates what
happened to your body as a result of your addiction. Next, the book reveals how to repair the damage done
and how to eat for the rest of your life to ensure that you stay healthy-and feel your best. A number of
nutritional issues are particularly important for the recovering person-like food allergies and sensitivities to
dairy and highly refined foods-and these are covered in detail.

The second half of the book teaches the basics of whole foods cooking. You will learn where to find whole
foods, how to store them, and how to cook them to preserve their goodness. The book includes 127 whole
foods recipes designed for busy people with no prior cooking experience.

Of the vast array of recovery books out there, here is one that actually breaks new ground. Clear and
comprehensive, this book provides real hope for people in recovery; people who bad believed it was their
fate never to feel completely whole.

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Check Back for Tips and Recipes from this acclaimed book
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