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Educate The Mind:

  • Learn everything you can about alcoholism: Education is Power!

  • To read "Diagnosing and Managing Chemical Dependency" and learn more about Alcoholism,
    Click Below:
Read About Alcoholism
  • Watch our Power Point Presentation to learn more about alcoholism, including the genetics of
    alcoholism,  Click Below:
Power Point Presentation
  • Learn about nutrition. Click below to read "Nutrition Times"
Read "Nutrition Times: Your guide to health and nutrition
Empower The Body:
The following tips are from Dr. Beasley's and Mary P. Cheney's Book,"How to Defeat Alcoholism" 2nd Edition:

  • Eat a balanced diet including a wide variety of foods, as it is impossible to fill all your body's needs if you
    eat only a few foods. Good nutrition with the proper balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and
    unsaturated fats will ensure a more steady supply of energy to every system of the body.

  • Eat small frequent meals, with a small snack between meals to maintain blood sugar levels. Try to eat
    something every two to three hours. Good snacks include cheese, nuts or seeds, small pieces of meat or
    poultry, yogurt, fruit, or raw veggies.

  • Eliminate or reduce consumption of sugar and sugar-containing foods and caffeine.

  • Eliminate or reduce the intake of highly processed foods including refined carbohydrate

  • Eliminate or rotate any known allergy-producing foods.

  • Take a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement and follow a nutritional supplement protocol to ensure
    you include all the natural neurotransmitter precursors to help the brain recover normal production of the
    chemicals which provide the natural high of good health.

  • Schedule regular time for exercise. Regular exercise (enough to work up a sweat) three or more times a
    week will also increase stamina and vigor, particularly if the activity is something a person really enjoys.
Renew The Spirit:

The following tips are from Dr. Beasley's and Mary P .Cheney's Book, "How to Defeat Alcoholism" 2nd Edition:

  • Keep in touch with your feelings and needs.

  • Allow yourself time to mediate or pray every day.

  • Keep a journal of your attitudes and feelings.

  • Don't take on so many jobs or projects that you have no time for yourself.

  • Try to use your sense of humor to keep things in perspective.

  • Avoid envy and jealousy; be aware of what is positive in your own life- your sobriety is a great gift.
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